-Taylor Boyle, @Flairdigitalmarketing

“I’ve signed 3 new clients within a few days of working with Monique JUST using my social media! And, they all signed up at my brand new rates! This is crazy 😍 Excited to continue to scale!”

“I’ve signed 3 new clients within a few days”

- Tori Packer @tori.packer

“I don’t say that lightly. I mean every word Mon has catapulted my businesses into the new direction I’ve been wanting to take for months, but too scared to take the leap. I have crystal clear direction and my soul is on fire. Thank you Mon for helping me build the life of my dreams” 

“Our first coaching call was life-changing”

- Melissa Oleson @drmelissaoleson

“There are 200+ people inside my challenge!! Way more than the last one I did which had 103 people and I DOUBLED the price!! The easiest sign ups I’ve ever had through Instagram.”

“I DOUBLED the price of my challenge!”

Sales & Business Growth

- Taylor, flair digital marketing

"Before working with Monique I only 1 client and really struggled to see how I could attract new clients to my business. After working with Mon I have been able to attract new clients, fully book out, launch and sell new offers."

“Everytime I work with Mon my business completely levels up"

- fibi, the study hub tuition

"Since working with Mon I have learnt and how much my business has grown. Before working with Mon, I was simply getting nowhere. I went from hearing crickets to getting all my enquires through social media."

“Monique has been a pillar in my growth and development"

Social Media Results

- merische, creative content academy

"I have invested so much money in my business, and it wasn't until I found Monique that I actually started seeing a return on the investment in a program or course."

“Working with Monique has been game-changing"

- Lauren lappin, beauty business coach

"I've been working with Monique for over 12 months. Without Monique's help I wouldn't have been able to create and sell out my coaching programs, show up online or secure speaking gigs."

“The success I've had since working together has exceed my wildest dreams"

- aneride @aneridesaipatel

“Thank you for inspiring me to share my immigrant story. 600K Views and counting. Cheers to making a bigger impact 🥂 Also I tripled my revenue in Q2.”

“600K Views and counting. I tripled my revenue in Q2.”

- samantha johnson, @honestandbold_

"The power of reels!!! So glad I’ve got you in my corner helping me 💗 I seriously could not do it without you!!!

“Over 300K views from one reel…and I only have 200 followers!”

- Stephanie Alberse @stephanie.albersephoto

“I’m booked out 12 months in advance and all of my clients have found me from Instagram!! ALL THANKS TO YOU!”

“I’m booked out 12 months in advance”

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"Before working with Mon, I was struggling to driving traffic, engagement and conversions. When I implemented her strategies, I immediately started results. My engagement went up, I found my dream clients and started making sales. Her ideas, marketing and messaging are so creative. Things I never would've thought of. We came up with the content runway for my signature program, and it sold out."

"We came up with a 3 day challenge and from it I made what I typically make in a month!