Looking for an Instagram expert to deliver inspiring, chock-full-of-gems training for your audience? 

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I’ve taught over 1,000 coaches and service providers how to create relatable content, overcome confidence barriers, and dial in on their audience to find BIG wins on Instagram.  

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whole lotta dancing.

High energy. High impact.

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- Sophie from Geronimo and F45 Australia

"Mon is incredible at what she does! She has so much knowledge, conviction and energy. We have had Mon present to our clients twice now and as small biz owners who really needed to level up their socials, but never quite nailed it... Monique's tips, tricks and presentations have been a game changer. Socials have improved across the board over 100+ small businesses, engagement is up and lead gen/sales is also improving thanks to implementing her teachings. Highly recommend."

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“The whole team agrees: Monique was our favorite speaker at the Instagram Summit.”

- Oksana , Lead Event and Activation Manager at ManyChat

And how you can, too! Create easy and engaging Reels that speak to your target audience and reflect your unique style ... even when you think you’re too shy, too tech-phobic, or too time strapped to make it happen! 

How I used Reels to skyrocket my business to 7-figures 

How to use content sets, planning, and a deep awareness of your audience to generate content that serves AND sells to your audience. (Thousands of followers, 3 posts a day, and paid ads not included!)

Turning Instagram followers into fans and dollars

Alllll my best former-journalist tips for landing dream opportunities with dynamic content that evokes emotion and tells a story. Ditch the educational content and learn the power of packaging up your secret sauce into content that helps you make waves. 

Reaching soulmate clients with authentic storytelling

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- Angela Sanchez , Founder at Beauty Business Co

“Monique is exactly who she is virtually, as in person. Vibrant, bubbly, energetic. It was lovely for monique to meet the beauty business owners where they’re at. Thank you so much Monique. ”

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Your clients will walk away from the session with the 3C's: confidence, consistency and creativity!

They will also learn the key strategies to level up their brand awareness and transform the way they're creating content.



They will also learn the insider tips and tricks to creating effective Reels that show them an easier way to create Reels that connect to who they are without it taking hours to make.


tips and tricks

Your clients will learn how to get creative with unique Reel content. Original Reel content is currently being favoured by Instagram so being ahead of the trend will allow your attendees more opportunities for their Reels to go viral.

How to create unique

Reel content

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